TevoLooks have incorporated a High Performance Automotive Coating series with an inorganic glass compound. TevoLooks coating builds up a layer of protection which creates a firm resistance against many extreme conditions. It also restores and retains your vehicle’s glossiness without the need to wax for years!

Fire Glaze Plus Paint Sealant is the world’s finest and most effective paint sealant that flows like liquid glass. It penetrates and seals your car paint’s surface which leaves a highly glossy finish. This eliminates waxing forever!

Surf City Garage is Car Care Products For Real Car Guys.
– Enthusiast Grade Performance
– Formulated & Manufactured Exclusively By Surf City Garage
Same Products We Use On Our Collection Of Over 125 Vintage Muscle Cars
– Fastest Growing Car Care Products Company On The Planet

Elite Stickers allows you to design and upgrade your ride that is distinguishable from the rest! Elite Stickers also enables you to enjoy a whole new aspect of customization which projects your personality and liking. With Elite Stickers, you are absolutely Stylish, Elegant and Charismatic.

Drivers rely on what they see. Vehicles with reflective conspicuity markings provide better visual information to drivers for faster detection and more accurate decision-making. Our vehicle conspicuity markings are now available in a strong rigid construction product for smooth and even surfaces. The full cube technology of the Diamond Grade™ DG3™ with efficient optic will give bright markings. High quality materials provide a durable film to with stand harsh traffic environment. They are easy to apply and come with aggressive, pressure sensitive adhesive that stands up to the rigors of the road.

LOOKS™ LEATHER SEAT is a collaboration between Elite Looks (M) Sdn Bhd and CD Seat Industries (M) Sdn Bhd. As CD Seat Industries (M) Sdn Bhd is the manufacturing arm of Elite Looks (M) Sdn Bhd, it is ISO certified (BS EN ISO 9001:2000). The company manufactures automotive upholstery sets for the local OEM automotive market and also for export.

Clearshield® Pro provides you the flexibility by allowing you to tailor-make protection for your vehicle. It does not only protect your ride from unwanted damages, but it is also virtually invisible! You will have a peace of mind knowing your ride will look new for years!

Rest assured that Elite Paint Protection Film will always have your back! It’s a perfect lifestyle to own a constantly flawless ride. Additionally, without needing to worry about unavoidable damages. Not only does Elite Paint Protection Film maintain and protects your ride, but it also preserves its value!

V-Kool™ is a revolutionary spectrally-selective window film that offers a clear view with a high heat rejection. It is originally developed for NASA and the United States Air Force. Next, it is applied on specialized applications such as the Stealth Bomber and the Space-Shuttle. Currently, its advance technology is shared worldwide. Now, you can enjoy the same level of comfort by V-Kool-ing yourself!

Solar Gard® is recognized as a high quality sputtered metalized window film for automotive applications. It is the first window films manufacturer that published an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) which is based on the life cycle impact of Solar Gard’s products. Solar Gard® does not only play a huge role in energy savings, but also provides an added value which benefits customers in the long run!